Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas Around The Clock

For my Challenge I decided to make a can of Santa Soup. You use a 15 oz can that has a pull top lid. Cut off the lid using a “safe-top” can opener, or you can just use a can of soup. Wrap you design around the can and tape it on. I made the tag with red and green cardstock, running them through the Cuttlebug with the swiss dot folder. Topping it off with ribbon and seasonal stickers.

Here’s the poem by Pam Ridenour:
Santa’s been so busy, he’s had no time to eat.

And Mrs. Claus got worried, so she made a special treat.

She took his favorite things, and put them in a pot.

She added magic elf dust, and heated it ‘til hot.

Santa loved it so much, he finished the whole pan.

So Mrs. Claus made more, and put it in this can.

Since Santa thought it was yummy, she thought that you might too.

So she asked dear old sweet Santa, to leave a can for you!

The tag has on it:
2 pkg Hot Chocolate
2 Peppermint Sticks
4 Hershey Kisses
Create your own version of Santa Soup, following the inspiration from Wanda's tutorial.You can use any graphic or clip art you want. You can even cut something out and use it. Make sure you cuttlebug something. I’m so excited to see what everyone comes up with! Then post your project to LINKZ on Cuttlebug Challenge by August 1st! Remember, the girls with the most posts win!!


Diane said...

Wanda I love your Santa soup! I am not clear about the can being opened. Do you put the hot chochlate etc., in the can and just list them as ingredients on the tag? I can just see my Grandbabies on Christmas morning. If you get this and can answer it for me please send the reply to Thank you very much you are a very talented lady.

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