Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pergamano Parchment Craft

I came across the most beautiful cards. I had to know how they were made. After investigation I found out the technique is called Pergamano. It is a parchment craft. The parchment used is a special kind that is made especially for Pergamano. I found a couple of web sites that sold it. But the cheapest I found was on ebay. Here is the ebay store I bought from: They are incredible nice and very quick on sending the item. I contacted them and they combined the shipping which was incredibly reasonable. Here are my first two try's.. It is easier than it looks. The patterns came from the starter kit I bought which included the white pen, A5 papers, the two prong pin, purple coloring stick, embossing tool, and mat.


Rosemary said...

Wanda, they are gorgeous!..I was trying to make the picture bigger so I could see it better..and maybe figure out how to do this with what I love seeing your work!!

Verda said...

This technique looks so interesting and produces such a beautiful card. You will have to share your knowledge with us over at Copic Buzz.

BettyBee said...

Just gorgeous!! They are as pretty as I had hoped they would are an awesome artist, girlfriend!! Thanks for learning how to do this. You are the best!

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