Monday, November 22, 2010

Digital Delights Candle Tutorial

Good morning!  I'm so excited to have been asked to  bring you today's tutorial for Digital Delights!
I was asked to show you how to put images on candles.

1. First you want to pick your image.  You can either pick a image that's already colored or print out one that you want to color.  I love Digi stamps because you can adjust them to what ever size you want.
If you have your favorite Digital Delight Rubber stamp you can also use this by stamping on tissue paper.
2. Measure your candle so that you know what size you need.

3. Color you image.  I have found that Koh-i-nor pencils work the best.  You can also use watercolor pencils.  The Bic pens seem to run when you melt the candle.
 4. After you fish coloring.  Cut out your image.  Make sure you cut the negative areas out with a xacto knife.
5.  You will need to have wax paper, elastics and your heat gun.  If you don't have a heat gun you can use a hair dryer.

6. Place your image on your candle where you want it.

7. Wrap the wax paper tightly around the candle and secure with rubber bands.

8. Carefully heat candle with the heat gun.  The wax will start to melt.  Watch very carefully.  If you keep in one place it will melt a hole.  So move the air around.  You will know it's done when a gloss appears.
9. Slowly remove Wax paper.  Smooth out any dimples with your finger while still warm.

10.  Decorate your candle with anything you would like to use.  Ideas like ribbon, Stickles, flowers, beads.  Let your imagination take over.

Have lots of fun with this!  I would love to see what you create!
Huggles, Wanda


Summer said...

Great tutorial Thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

Wanda, thanks for the tutorial. I've done candles with the tissue paper stamped but never with just regular paper. I have to try this. Really cool! Love your little singing angel!

Denise said...

Your candles look awesome!

Beth said...

am so going to try this GF love the idea of putting those colorful images on candles, do you think Prisma would work okay Wanda?
The tutorial is awesome so easy to follow.

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